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Soh Xinyi, Editor
Holly Jean Aroozoo, Writer
Sandra Koh, Nutritionist, Food & Fitness Writer
Sze Yun, Writer
Jimmy Tan, Multimedia Specialist and Videographer
Jo Ng, Creative Designer
Kevin Lee, Assistant Creative Designer
Lee Kai Ying, Digital Marketing Manager
Magdalene Tan, Digital Marketing Assistant
Glynnis Wee, Web Application Developer
Leann Wong, Web Developer
Maybeline Sim, Business Development Manager
William Tan, Client Service Manager
Japanese Streets
Sol Sol
  • Soh Xinyi
    Xinyi is the self-declared vain pot who is obsessed with all things pretty, and drinks no less than 3 cups of coffee a day. A free spirit by nature, she is spontaneous and values her freedom (and dreams of exploring the world with just a back pack). Loves her pets, the crazy world, is obsessed with Lee Joon Gi, and hates mangoes.
  • Holly Jean Aroozoo
    Holly Jean has been blogging and writing about love and relationships for many years now. Her life revolves around fashion, travel and good food. But her latest passion in life is being a great mum to her baby girl.
  • Sandra Koh
    Nutritionist, Food & Fitness Writer
    Every morning, she needs to unzombify herself with a cup of coffee, and she would always choose her greens over her fruits. You can either find her sweating and swaying in Zumba classes, gluing her eyes on horror flicks, or savouring “strange” foods in her free time. You can easily scare her off with your puppies.
  • Sze Yun
    A typical millennial (on the older spectrum) who abandoned the 9-to-5 after a decade of working in corporate, Yun now wears many hats – a writer, a public relations consultant, a couch potato and a working mother in her own terms (and aspiring to be the coolest mum ever). Loves black cats, rose gold, ramen, and basically anything that sparkles.
  • Jo Ng
    Creative Designer
    Jo values her freedom and can't live without sushi. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and her only son. Although she looks stern most of the time, she is a sweet and gentle soul who enjoys watching Korean dramas. Strictly romantic comedies, though.
  • Kevin Lee
    Assistant Creative Designer
    Kevin is the youngest in the team but he is definitely passionate in his work. Catch him playing basketball over the weekends, but in contrast to his sporty nature, he is a Dota 2 Lover and he can spend hours sitting in front of the computer Dota-ing. Kevin also enjoys travelling, and aims to lead a happy and simple life.
  • Lee Kai Ying
    Digital Marketing Manager
    A wordsmith and a certified yoga teacher, Kai aspires to light up people’s lives through 26 letters of the alphabet and the 26 yoga poses she’s adept in. When she finds life getting a little dull, she puts up a challenge for herself, like writing a book. On the flip side, when the going gets tough, she winds down with mint chocolate, good music and the company of lovely friends.
  • Magdalene Tan
    Digital Marketing Assistant
    Magdalene enjoys capturing beautiful moments with friends and family through photographs and writings. You can often spot her at events, flashing her camera or big smile. There’s rarely a quiet moment around her as she loves to share joyful moments with people around. If anything goes wrong, chocolates will get her back on track!
  • Jimmy Tan
    Multimedia Specialist and Videographer
    Jimmy is a self-taught photographer and videographer and loves Netflix, Coffee Bean and movies. During his free time, he loves spending time with his son or going for a walk with his camera, he is also an avid traveller and loves doing travel videos. He was one of the photographers for the inaugural Youth Olympics held in Singapore. The next time you pass by the Youth Olympic Park near MBS, take a look at the wall, you might just see his name engraved there!
  • Glynnis Wee
    Web Application Developer
    A good horror movie is Glynnis' cup of tea and you can find her gaming on her PC whenever she's free. Definitely not the typical sweetie pie you would expect, but a garang lady, who also enjoys trying out new technology when she spots one. However, this hardy one has got a soft spot for dogs and is totally in love with her toy poodle, Bernie.
  • Leann Wong
    Web Developer
    Don’t expect Leann to be your typical backpack-toting programmer. When she is not deep in the realms of coding, Leann embraces sleeping, photography, cycling and welcomes you to join her coffee gang – kopi bing or iced mocha, anyone?
Business Development
  • Maybeline Sim
    Business Development Manager
    Maybeline cannot go a day without eating eggs. She is a huge dog lover and enjoys Sci-Fi movies. Apart from growing MFP, Maybeline blogs on the side about beauty, fashion and lifestyle.
  • William Tan
    Client Service Manager
    William's Instagram feed is a telltale sign that he loves photography, cafehopping, and indulging in good food anytime. He enjoys immersing himself in good movies and is definitely a superheroes fan. He is known as the smiley guy in the office and never fails to brighten our day.
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