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One of the Downsides of Losing Weight is...


Although I’m super proud of my achievements (of losing 40kgs), there are many downsides of it. One of it is my BOOBS!

I’m affected by my cup size but am more affected about the firmness of my breasts!

Aging and weight loss all leads to SAGGING! and yes although I’m only 23, I’m already experiencing this because of my 40kgs of weight loss! Breasts are super important to us, they are our assets, to me, I actually think small is okay, but sagging is definitely not okay!

But of cos, who wouldn’t want a bigger and perkier bustline? This helps us to look good in tubes, tank tops, low cut dresses AND EVEN WEDDING GOWNS without paddings!

I thought of doing breast fillers and plastic surgery, but they are so risky and expensive! Fillers are super expensive and they only last, what?

1-2years? I can’t imagine forking out 8-10k every 1-2years! Also plastic surgery are super dangerous, the post op care are already enough to kill me. I tried supplements before and it doesn’t work on me, I even had a bad breakout! I massaged before but I am too lazy to sustain it. I tried various products before but it doesn’t work too!

and when I received a call to go for a review at TOKYO BUST EXPRESS, you don’t know how excited I am! :D:D:D They used a combination of machine + massage with natural ingredients (which I will explain later) that are safe and beneficial, further more it is non-invasive so it’s completely safe! Don’t need to worry about scars and blood!