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Watsons’ Latest Bird’s Nest Skincare Range


Give your skin a lavish treat with Watsons’ latest addition – the Watsons Bird’s Nest Skincare Range!

Exclusive only to royal families back in ancient days, bird’s nest is a well-known medicinal delicacy meant to boost immunity and slow down the aging process. Typically, our cells have the ability to repair naturally through proliferation, differentiation and development.

However as we age, the process slows down. Wrinkles and other signs of aging and fatigue gradually hit us and it reflects on our skin. Watsons understands this and hence introduces Watsons Bird’s Nest Skincare Range which extracts key ingredient Bird’s Nest Essence, taking your skin back in time to its youthful days! Containing water soluble Glycoprotein and Amino acids that work collaboratively to promote cell growth and tissue repair, Bird’s Nest Essence quickens the process of cell regeneration, deters signs of aging while hydrating and brightening your skin simultaneously.

As years catch up, collagen production in your body decelerates, while elastin fibres that give your skin a youthful bounce lose its spring. Rich in collagen, proteins and vitamins, Bird’s Nest Essence tackles the root of the problem, feeding your skin with nutrients that your body is unable to provide as quickly as before.

The Watsons Bird’s Nest Skincare Range comes in a facial cleanser ($9.90, 100ml), toner ($12.90, 150ml), scrub ($9.90, 100g), cream ($24.90, 50g), lotion ($22.90, 45ml), essence ($22.90, 30ml), facial mask ($15, 4 sheets), eye essence ($22.90, 15ml), eye mask ($9.90, 6 pairs) and a hand cream ($5.90, 50g). Watsons Bird’s Nest Skincare Range is exclusively available at all Watsons Personal Care Stores.

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