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Beer Lovers Will Love This Swanicoco Beer Bubble Pack


Beer lovers can indulge in Swanicoco Beer Bubble Pack without the worries of getting a beer belly.

Definitely not your 6 pack, but in fact, it is a bubble mask pack that comes in a little "beer bottle" with a pump dispenser. It is a face mask that foams up upon contact with your skin and the carbonation action allows the mask to get deep into our pores to get rid of excess sebum and impurities. The Beer Bubble Pack also contains hops extracts, which is an ingredient in our regular beers, to fight inflammation and bacteria, and brewer's yeast extract to soothe skin and fight against oxidative stress. 

The Swanicoco Beer Bubble Pack promises to leave your skin looking brighter and while we haven't got our hands on the product to review it, it is definitely a great idea to throw an at-home beer party with your BFFs and do some beer masking together too!

Get yours from Beauty Tap, and yes, they ship to Singapore!