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Can Popping Pimples in The "Danger Triangle" Kill You?


I first heard about the "danger triangle" from a classmate of mine when I was in Junior College, just when I was trying my best to pop a pimple right in that danger zone. She almost let out a scream, trying to stop me from what I was doing.


Credit: Beauty Heaven AU 

For the uninitiated, the "danger triangle" is the area shown in the photo below. According to my JC mate back then, we should not pick on any pimple in this area because it can be fatal. But how?

Credit: Wikipedia

"Due to the special nature of the blood supply to the human nose and surrounding area, it is possible for retrograde infections from the nasal area to spread to the brain causing cavernous sinus thrombosis, meningitis or brain abscess." (Source: Wikipedia) In simpler words, this danger zone is an area with lots of blood vessels that connects to our cavernous sinus. Acne and pimples contain bacteria and when bacteria accidentally enter the blood stream during your popping, there is a possibility, although very rare, that an infection in the brain can occur, causing vision loss, permanent paralysis, or death.

Scary as it may sound, the chances of that happening are very low. Besides, with advances in medical science and antibiotics readily available, it is not of a significant concern. However, it is still advisable to leave that spot of yours alone because you may be left with an unsightly scar. If you are concerned about spots and infections in the "danger triangle", it is still best to consult a doctor for a professional opinion.