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Do You Have Sweaty Palms And Feet?


Singapore's humidity is 'killing' women. We perspire and make a mess sometimes. How to ease it?


Excessive perspiration leads embarrassment, such as body odour and unsightly wet patches. It is estimated one in 20 people around the world have to deal with this condition. Some are due to medical reasons while others are hormonal and genetic. Apart from our pits, some of us also 'suffer' from sweaty palms and feet. While there are deodorants which help to reduce perspiration, how do we ensure our hands and feet are free from the unpleasant wetness?

PerspireX Hand and Foot lotion($28) is a breakthrough product that answers to the need of women who suffer from excessive perspiration and odour. This lotion is applied before bedtime nightly until you see a significant reduction in perspiration. For maintenance, reapply every two to three nights.

The formula contains 25% aluminium chloride hexahydrate in alcohol. It will temporary block the sweat glands by forming a 'plug' in them. The 'plugs' will seal the glands temporarily.  With the natural shedding our the dead skin cells, these 'plugs' will be expelled. This explains why you only need to reapply every two to three days.

Go get it if... you are facing sweaty palms and feet

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