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Haters call Michelle Phan & Xiaxue "Cyber Bullies"


Ugly and unforgiving words were thrown but most were directed towards Michelle Phan.

Forums, especially the ones from GuruGossip, were hammering insults and banters on Michelle Phan's Disney Princesses video with Xiaxue. Xiaxue blogged on 2nd November on this debacle. Some called Michelle a hypocrite and scammer for making use of Xiaxue to stand up for her in her blog.

Xiaxue could not understand how Michelle could take these insults on a daily basis, but since they are also talking about her too, "I'm not gonna let them write s*** about me like that without fighting back!"

Xiaxue also mentioned in her post that her readers sent her countless links to these forums to warn her against doing a collaboration video with Michelle.

Apparently, PhanHaters existed even way before their collaborated video. Her haters actually took the trouble to create a tumblr account, name it "Michelle Phail" and blog about her on a regular basis.

Tsk Tsk. The things web celebrities go through...