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Lindsay Lohan Makeup-Shamed Ariana Grande on Instagram. What Exactly is Makeup-Shaming?


It is almost impossible to escape the attacks from keyboard warriors in this social media age, especially if you are popular. From your looks, your weight and even things like your parenting skills, anything can be shamed and put into the limelight, and people criticise whatever they could.

Credit: Instagram arianagrande

Recently, Ariana Grande posted a selfie of herself and Hairspray Live! costar Dove Cameron on Instagram and Lindsay Lohan left an unnecessary comment saying, "Too much makeup". 



Instagram removed the first one but idgaf and in repostingggggg it

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Of course, Lindsay Lohan's comment was removed, but Ariana Grande's fan print-screened it and reposted it for all to see. Not just that, Lindsay Lohan got attacked on social media by Ariana's fiercely loyal fans.

And as if body-shaming, or any kind of shaming weren't enough, women had to makeup-shamed women. It is not anything new in fact. Makeup shaming happens when women (or men) are bullied because they love wearing makeup. They were judged for being insecure and that they hate their natural face, and the haters made them feel that loving makeup is a crime.

More often than not, makeup lovers love doing makeup because it is a form of self-expression and it is fun to match makeup to your mood for the day. Most of us never do it for the boys or to impress others, or do it because we hate how we look. In fact, most of us are happy and secure individuals, who aren't even afraid of walking around barefaced.

Have you ever had a friend commented that you should stop putting on so much makeup because you look so much better without them, and it made you feel bad, or did you get judge because you needed those newly launched palettes, and the haters made you felt like you are just wasting money (although they themselves spend money pursuing their own hobbies too!)?

If you are tired of being judged like that, stand up for who you are. No one should criticise your body or your face, or simple things like loving makeup. Period.