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Men Fess up on What They Think about Our Makeup


With ever-changing makeup trends and so many makeup tutorials that are easily available online, women nowadays are more experimental and are open to trying different makeup styles. From Kim Kardashian's contouring methods to the Korean gradient lips, we've been there and done that. While we ourselves get all excited with the new cosmetics on the shelves and trying out a new look every week, have you ever wondered how the men feel about our makeup?

Credit: Pony Makeup

We asked 10 men on what they like and what are their pet peeves when it comes to our makeup and grooming. They were brutally honest and some answers were in fact, rather surprising! To get a better idea on the type of looks that they prefer, we asked them to choose their favourite makeup styles from the 6 styles from the photo below, as seen on the celebrities. Let's take a look at what are the dos and don'ts in the eyes of the men.

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Alvin Yap

I cannot stand it when women put on too much perfume. The overpowering scent makes me nauseous. 

Thumbs up: I like IU's makeup (no. 2) for an everyday look, and even Taylor Swift's (no. 3) makeup is ok. Averil Lavigne's makeup (no.6) will look great for a night out, though.

Thumbs down: I think all the different styles look good, as long as ladies wear the correct makeup for the correct occasion.


Jackson Chan

Colourful eyeshadows are big no-nos for me as it reminds me of peacocks. Natural and lighter colours are better.

Thumbs up: All 5 are good!

Thumbs down: Except this (referring to makeup no.1).


Evan Tan

It's scary when a woman is seen with two different colours on her face and neck when she chose the wrong colour for her foundation. I also do not like it when women wear their foundation like a mask. Sometimes it's so thick that the foundation starts to get cakey, and that's ugly.

Thumbs up: I like no. 2, 5, and 6.

Thumbs down: No no for no. 1.


Eugene Ng

Some women don't wash their long hair regularly and the dirty and sticky hair can look quite disgusting, and I'm not even going to mention the smell. I also find it quite off-putting when women wear very dark lipsticks or wear fake eyelashes that are too voluminous.  

Thumbs up: Averil Lavigne's makeup (no. 6).

Thumbs down: Kylie Jenner's makeup (no. 1).


Yao Zhiming

I don't understand in-your-face red lipsticks!

Thumbs up: I like IU's and Jolin's makeup because I prefer women wearing makeup that is more natural.

Thumbs down: Taylor Swift's red lips.


Chan Weidong

Using too much perfume is a huge repellent.

Thumbs up: No. 2

Thumbs down: No. 3, red lips are too loud.


Vic Van Dam

We used to say things like "her makeup is as thick as the A Maths textbook", and well that's what really puts me off. There is no need to layer on so much.

Thumbs up: I like no.4 and no.5

Thumbs down: No. 1


Joshua Ding

I don't understand why girls like long and sharp nails, or super red lips, and those thick and white foundation. 

Friend: Joshua, are you talking about a female ghost a.k.a those in the old Hongkong movies?

Thumbs up: No. 4

Thumbs down: No no to. 1!


Richard Tan

I think those very long and thick fake eyelashes are quite awful, and I think girls should go easy on their makeup. Sometimes less is definitely more.

Thumbs up: No. 1

Thumbs down: No 2. She looks like she has got no makeup on? 


Jonathan Kwek

I'm not sure whether the ladies are using eyeliners or eyeshadows but their upper lids are just huge patches of black, and that made them look so dull. And when they add on thick eyelashes after the black patches, you can't even see their real eyes!

Thumbs up: I like CL's makeup. 

Thumbs down: Kylie Jenner's.