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One Woman Asked Her Husband to Get Her a Fenty Highlight but What He Got Made Us LOL


A loving husband wanted to buy his wife a gift to celebrate their first month of marriage. However, this sweet guy made a cute mistake and when his wife posted it on Facebook, the post went viral.

Credit: Claire Talks Beauty

Charlema Webb posted on her Facebook that her husband, Vincent, asked what she wanted for a gift. In her reply to her thoughtful husband, she said that she wanted a highlighter and a brush and added that she preferred a Fenty highlighter, if not, anything goes.

However, the husband interpreted her request wrongly and look at what he got her in the hilarious post below.


I don't know about you but this funny and honest mistake is definitely more memorable than a Fenty highlighter and brush! 

So next time if you need to ask your man to get things for you, remember to be specific. I suddenly remember the time when I was talking about MAC cosmetics and my husband was talking about Mac... as in Macbooks and stuff. Oh well.