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This Blogger Turned Herself into Mona Lisa with Makeup


If Leonardo da Vinci is alive, I'm sure he would give Yuya Mika's post a double tap on Instagram.

There are so many great makeup artists on social media who can turn themselves into any celebrity they want to. However, a Chinese blogger, Yuya Mika, decided to take things a step further and transformed herself into... wait for it... Mona Lisa.

Credit: Wikimedia / Instagram @yuyamika

Yuya Mika is rather new to Instagram but she has racked up substantial views on her Youtube channel and Instagram posts with her talent. Watch how she uses makeup to turn herself into the famous Mona Lisa in her Instagram post below. It's jaw-dropping!



A post shared by YUYAMIKA (@heyuhong7) on May 8, 2018 at 2:40pm PDT