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Xiaxue in Michelle Phan's Disney Princesses Video!


Xiaxue and the famous YouTuber, Michelle Phan, collaborated on a make-up video on Disney Princesses - Wendy is Rapunzel and Michelle is Ariel!

Michelle asked Xiaxue in Twitter on her interest to make a guest appearance in her video and our Blog Queen agreed! The video was shot in Xiaxue's hotel room in Disneyland when she was in California for a movie junket on the new Disney movie on Rapunzel called, "Tangled."

Many of Michelle's video viewers commented that Xiaxue looked like her sister for they have a similar smile. But the thing to check out for is Michelle's voiceover in this video. Michelle recalled, "Wendy was telling me how Disney Princesses (in Disney World) have to talk like this all the time and stay in character!"

But you have to watch through the whole video for a gleeful twist. To quote..."GOOD LUCK!"