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[Blogger Ju Ann] How I Lost 3.6kg with Halley Medical Aesthetics


I keep thinking that I can eat whatever I want and breastfeeding is going to make me slim. For the past 6 months, I knew I wasn’t losing weight because my jeans was a little tight. Truth be told, I was afraid of what my weight has become. I even stopped weighing myself.

No matter how much or how little I ate, I still felt fat.

Weighing in at a crazy 68kg for my 1.65m height, I used to be 62kg before my 2 pregnancies. That’s quite a fair bit of gain there in a span of 4 years.

It’s high time I took weight loss a little more seriously. I’ve been putting this off because life got really busy recently. 2 kids and a demanding full time job really depletes all the time I used to have to take care of myself.

I needed a weight loss solution that does not interfere with my current packed schedule. I knew about Halley Medical Aesthetic’s Quick Slim 3 month programme because there are lots of reviews online (just google!) with proven results. I was quite excited about starting on this programme.

The Time Is Right.

On my first consultation with Dr Terence Tan to embark on this programme, he asked me how much weight I wanted to lose, I told him I wanted to be 60kg again. He was very encouraging and worked out my BMI for me and told that currently I am at 24.7. A BMI value of 23 and above (HPB website) indicates that your weight is outside of the healthy weight range for your height. There are also a wealth of information here that tells you why you should keep within the recommended BMI.

When it comes to losing weight, setting an end goal is very important.

To get into the healthy BMI range as determined by Health Promotion Board, I need to lose 4.9kg to reach an ideal targeted weight of about 63kg and bring my BMI down to 22.9.

Over the 3 months Quick Slim Programme, we agreed that my goal is lose 1.5kg each month. That’s totally do’able.

Consultation with the Doctor

Doctor asked me a lot of questions and did a body checkup to ensure that I am suitable for this treatment. He prescribed 3 types of medications to help kickstart the whole slimming programme:

  1. Duromine to be taken once first thing in the morning to suppress appetite, and
  2. Nopal, a low calories and high dietary fibers supplement to be taken 30mins before lunch and dinner to fill you up, and
  3. Xenical to be taken with dinner to block some of the fats that I eat, and keep it from being absorbed by my body.

Duromine sometimes comes with side effects but I didn’t experience any of it. I only no longer feel like I need to drink a cup of coffee after lunch, which is great because that means I will consume less calories in a day!

Duromine and Xenical are both prescription drugs and that’s why it’s important you find a doctor you trust who’ll check your body and determine if it’s okay for you to take it.

Consultation with the Nutritionist

What I like about the Quick Slim Programme is also how I get access to a nutritionist! As part of the program, she evaluates on the food I consume, provided guidance and advice on calorie-counting and healthy eating.

Jean Tong is Halley Medical Aesthetics’ resident nutritionist and as part of the Quick Slim Programme, I will meet with her 4 times.

Doctor Terence believes that nutrition plays a huge role in helping a weight loss program to be successful and for the weight to stay off.

Nobody is going to ask you to stop eating

Jean will equip you with the knowledge of how much and how to eat right. Many a times, our diet is unhealthy and we are unknowingly putting on a little bit of weight every time we overeat.

For example, she taught me how to measure 1 portion of serving for the various food groups. That helped me understand how much I should actually eat at every meal.

It’s always an interesting 1 hour with her.

The Quick Slim Program also includes Optifast, a meal replacement product by Nestle. Optifast is a clinic-only meal replacement product that can only be consumed under the guidance of a qualified nutritionist or doctor. It is a clinically-proven meal replacement product to help overweight patients lose excess weight, improve health, and lower weight-related health risks.

It comes in 3 flavours: Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry. To be honest, the best tasting one is the chocolate one! :P

I have to choose 1 meal and replace it with Optifast every day.

Update after 1 month

It has been exactly 1 month since I started on the Quick Slim Programme. I’ve been feeling lighter, less bloated and more inclined to buy new clothes now and I love this feeling.

I didn’t want to jinx anything so I did not weigh myself until I went back to Halley Medical Aesthetics for a review.

AND….. I LOST 3.6KG! Without doing any exercise and without starving!!! That’s crazy amazing. From 68kg to 64.4kg. That totally makes me wonder why on earth I didn’t start this earlier!!! My BMI also improved from 24.7 to 23.4, bringing me nearer to the healthy range.

In this past month, I even went to Hong Kong (the land of yummy food) for 10 days! While I watched my portion size and took my supplements regularly, it was unfortunate that I could not take Optifast for the whole trip. Imagine how much more I could have lost!

I’m super happy and convinced by this programme! If you have weight to lose, and you are very busy, talk to Halley Medical Aesthetics already. Can’t believe I didn’t do this earlier. The cost is very affordable too for something this effective. The Quick Slim weight loss programme only costs $800 and you get:

  • 4 1-Hour Slimming Consultations with a qualified nutritionist
  • 4 Doctor Consultations
  • 3 Types of Medications for 3 months


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