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[Blogger Sydney] Labo Labo Super Keana Range Review


I believe most of you who are readers of my blog have previously seen me raving about the Labo Labo series? I love the series so much I just have to do another review on their extended range of products!

If you don't already know the brand, Labo Labo is actually a younger brand created under the wing of Dr. Ci:Labo, Japan's #1 Medical Cosmetic Brand! They are also conveniently located in Ion Orchard B3-41!

Focusing on delivering products that are SAFE, FUNCTIONAL and NATURAL, they aim to solve MOST TYPES of skin trouble! They are experts in skin decay and sagged pores and offers moistured and fluffy, smooth and well textured skin desired by most women.

Anyone can use Labo Labo, and this will be most beneficial to those with sagging and visible pores or skin with early ageing signs.

Their Super-Keana Line which I love so much eliminates pore trouble, which is one of the most pending issues in our 20-30'S. Another thing I love so much about the products would be the orange fragrance in their products! It smells so good and is so relaxing whenever I apply it before going to bed. I thought it makes my sleep better! As their range contains 200% hyaluronic acid / collagen to prevent dryness, this leaves skin free of irritation from dryness, and skin has a feeling of freshness followed by real moisture.

So what does it mean by Pore Trouble? This would include those with clogged pores, blackheads, sebum filled pores and sagged pores caused by primary ageing.

Emphasizing on safety, all products are developed by specialists in dermatology.

Using a mild formula you need not worry about over tugging of skin. Being all natural, the products do not have any perfume, color, alcohol or mineral oil. They are also free of parabens. Best part, they are reasonably priced.


Super-Keana Oil Cleansing (110mL)

One of my favourite products in the range. This is perfect for those who want to remove waterproof makeup and for those concerned about blackheads. For the lazy people, this is great because you can remove your makeup in the bath! I am one of those lazy ones around! Even though it is an oil cleanser, it is also appropriate for oily skin! Most people have the wrong conception that oil cleansers must not be used when yo have oily skin but in actual fact, oil cleansers are good for those with oily skin!

Daily use prevents roughness, leaving skin smooth and soft. With stronger pore refining / keratinized skin care properties, this product leaves skin almost pore-free.


Hamamelis leaf extract / pepperwort leaf extract / artichoke leaf extract / multiflora rose fruit extract / Lactic acid / malic acid / royal jelly acid / (carbomer / papain) cross polymer / Sodium hyaluronate, water-soluble collagen


Place an appropriate amount (3 to 4 pushes) of the product on the palm of the hand and spread over the entire face using a circular massaging motion, gently blending with makeup. Rinse with cold or warm water.


Super-Keana Washing (120g)

A soft and creamy cleanser made possible with Ci:Labo’s unique formulation for greater foam and a higher foam quality. It develops into a whipped cream foam texture.

Generous amounts of hyaluronic acid and collagen were added in order to alleviate dryness of the skin after cleansing, as well as a high Lipidure® content.

Love how this product leaves my skin fresh and clean after cleansing but without that squeaky clean feeling. I still have skin that is moist and supple, free of irritation from dryness.


Hamamelis leaf extract / pepperwort leaf extract / artichoke leaf extract / multiflora rose fruit extract / Lactic acid / malic acid / royal jelly acid / (carbomer / papain) cross polymer / Hyaluronic acid / water-soluble collagen / Lipidure®


Place 1 to 2 cm of the product on the palm of the hand, add water, and foam well. Starting with the T zone, which is high in sebum and pores, envelop the skin in foam and cleanse gently without rubbing. Rinse thoroughly with cold or warm water, removing all traces of foam.


Super-Keana Peeling Gel (120g)

4 types of AHA and lactic acid exfoliate the skin, gently lifting out the dirt, old skin, blackheads, and darkened skin clogging the pores, while the mannan scrub firmly adhere to the old skin and sebum that were left behind by cleansers and after washing the face, enveloping and removing them.

This is highly recommended even for those with sensitive skin who are unable to use peeling products. This product is so gentle, it can be used daily! I have sensitive skin and I bring this whenever I travel.


Hamamelis leaf extract / pepperwort leaf extract / artichoke leaf extract / multiflora rose fruit extract / Lactic acid / malic acid / citric acid / glycolic acid / royal jelly acid / mannan / Sodium hyaluronate / hydrolyzed collagen / Lipidure®


After cleansing, place 3 to 4 pushes of the product on the palm of the hand, and spread across the entire face, avoiding the area around the eyes and the mouth. Until the skin begins to peel, gently massage the skin with the fingertips using a circular motion. Rinse with cold or warm water.


Super-Keana Lotion (100mL)

A wipe-off lotion that addresses all pore issues including darkened pores, blackheads, and sagging. It has a refreshing finish that moisturises thoroughly and tighten pores while wiping off!

By removing excess keratinized skin and softening the skin, this product increases the permeability of the gels and creams applied later allowing the skincare effects to show. For a simple treat, you can use this together with a cotton pad for a quick mask treatment. Pour some of the lotion onto cotton pads and leave it on for approximately 3 minutes! I love the silky smooth feeling after that!


Hamamelis leaf extract / pepperwort leaf extract / artichoke leaf extract / multiflora rose fruit extract / Lactic acid / malic acid / royal jelly acid / Sodium hyaluronate / water-soluble collagen


Morning and night, after cleansing, place a 500-yen sized amount of the product on a cotton pad and gently wipe the skin, avoiding the area around the eyes and the mouth. Follow with a moisturiser.


Labo Labo Super-Keana Gel (50g)

A multi-functional gel filled with moisture that leaves skin clear. This gel is an all-in-one pore refining gel, and has facial mask-like properties unique to a gel.  The essential 5 steps of “toner”, “moisturizer”, “serum”, “mask”, and “makeup base” are all included in this tiny product.

“Smoothing polymers” adhere closely to the skin, smoothing the surface of the skin and absorbing excessive oils, ensuring smooth application of makeup even for those with noticeable pores or who frequently need to touch up their makeup. As it blends well into the skin with no stickiness, I like to use it as a makeup base! I thought my makeup stayed longer too!

The addition of orange oil also acts as an effective tightener for the face as it has a  gentle astringent effect on the skin.


lactic acid / malice acid / glycol acid / trisodium ascorbyl palmitate phosphate / rosa multiflora fruit extract / artichoke leaf extract/ hamamelis leaf extract / lepidium sativum sprout extract / Royal jelly acid / Astaxanthin / phytosteryl / octyldodecyl laurel glutamate / odium hyaluronate cross polymer / Water-soluble collagen / Ceramide NP / polyquaternium-51 / polyquaternium-61 / dimethicone cross polymer


After cleansing the face, take an appropriate amount (approximately 2 pearl- sized amounts) into the palm of the hand and spread gently across the entire face.

For more information on the products, you can check out their website or their outlet at ION B3-41 or at selected Watsons stores.

From 3 Nov 2016 till 4 Jan 2017, enjoy 15% Off on Labo Labo products at selected Watsons! Selected Watsons Stores are Anchorpoint/ Bugis Junction/Bukit Panjang Plaza/ Causeway Point/ Compass One/ ION/ JEM/Jurong Point/ NEX/ Parkway Parade/ Takashimaya Shopping Centre/ Tiong Bahru Plaza/ Toa Payoh Hub/ Westgate/ Westmall.

They also offer delivery of products, find out more here!

You can also get personalised consultation of their products online here.

Hope this review helped in your understanding of Labo Labo Super Keana Line! Thank you for reading!