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Customise Your Own Eyeshadow Palettes with the Colours You Will Use


Do you always use only that few colours from your eyeshadow palettes and let the others go to waste?

We love all those funky and exciting colours that are included in those pretty eyeshadow palettes (think neon pink and bright blues) that we create looks for Instagram with. However, they are just not our go-to colours for everyday use. Instead, we stick to safer and more neutral colours like browns, peach and pinks for our daily looks. Therefore, as with all the palettes that I have, there are these few colours that go in the speed of light, and then they are those that I've swipe my brushes on only once in a blue moon. 

Instead of always throwing our money the untouched eyeshadows away, wouldn't it be nice if brands allow us we can customise our palettes with only the colours that we will use? 

Maybeline and Xinyi review 2 customisable eyeshadow palettes. Watch the video to check out our favourite brands!