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Korean Hippie Perm Bangs Are Taking over See through Bangs This 2017


Everybody rushed to get those Korean see-through bangs since it debuted a few years back and the trend has been going strong for quite a while. But isn't it time for us to try something new already? This 2017, we spotted a new Korean hair trend that many Korean celebrities and models are sporting -- Korean hippie perm bangs.

Lee Sung Kyung /Credit: Instagram heybiblee

Celebrities like Sulli, Han Ye Seul, SNSD's Taeyeon and Jessica Jung, and also Lee Sung Kyung, embraced a new hair trend that was coined Korean hippie perm bangs. Many thought that the hippie perm trend first started when Kim Go Eun sported a whole head of it in "Cheese in the Trap". While the whole head hippie perm overflowed on the magazine spreads, many decided to have the hippie perm just on the bangs for a more subtle approach.

Sulli /Credit: Marie Claire

Taeyeon /Credit: Instagram taeyeon_ss

Taeyeon /Credit: Instagram taeyeon_ss

Jessica Jung /Credit: Instagram jessica.syj

The hippie perm bangs is especially suitable for those who are growing out their bangs, or those with their bangs at an awkward length. Part your bangs and use a curling iron to get some tighter curls onto your bangs. Continue to curl the sides and the back of your hair and give them some waves to complete the look.

Han Ye Seul /Credit: Marie Claire

Goo Hara /Credit: Instagram koohara_

Lee Sung Kyung /Credit: Instagram heybiblee

Stylenanda models /Credit: Stylenanda

Here are 2 hippie perm bangs tutorials from Korea and Taiwan to get you started. Although there are no subtitles for both videos, the step-by-step instructions are very clear so don't worry about not understanding them.