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The Importance of Facial Massage for Anti-Aging


Using anti-aging skin care products is no doubt important, but I swear by facial massages and lymphatic drainage when it comes to talks of anti-aging. 

We are all familiar with the post-facial glow. The facial massage our therapist spent an hour on works wonders to lift and firm our skin, while at the same time, helped our skin absorb all the nutrients from the skin care products she applied on our face. Now, imagine the benefits your skin will reap if you DIY a facial massage for yourself daily. It's not that hard, really. All you have to do is to get yourself the right tools.

There are many massage tools in the market that can help us achieve maximum efficacy for our facial massages but my personal favourite has got to be ReFa CARAT. No longer a sweet young thing, I use my good old ReFa Carat nightly to keep my face firm and radiant and to combat any signs of sagging.

But guess what, ReFa just announced a great news for us vain pots when we attended their media preview -- They are launching the ReFa CARAT RAY, an upgraded version of the ReFa CARAT. Not just that, the ReFa Face-Up Cream is also launched to work hand-in-hand with ReFa CARAT RAY. Am I hearing screams of joy? Anti-aging FTW.


What's exciting about the new ReFa CARAT RAY?


The new ReFa CARAT RAY has everything its predecessor has but has definitely improved leaps and bounds to ensure maximum comfort and efficiency for our facial massages. It now sports a sleeker and more streamlined design, making it easier for us to hold. It also has a larger in-built solar panel as compared to ReFa CARAT, and is, therefore, able to generate more microcurrents than other ReFa products, giving us a radiant, youthful glow in a shorter period of time as well as a natural lifting effect. 

We tried the ReFa CARAT RAY and we love the kneading sensation on our skin. It kind of felt like how a masseur massages your tired muscles after a long and tiring day. I don’t see how I can say no to it when massaging myself helps me combat all the signs of ageing!


Why is the ReFa Face-Up Cream a must-have?


If you have ever looked into your skin care cabinet trying to pick a product to go together with your nightly facial massage, fret no more. Designed to be used in conjunction with the ReFa facial rollers, the ReFa Face-Up Cream comprises of a unique oil that spreads over the skin easily and protects it while ensuring smooth application of the rollers; a moisturising gel that contains over 80% of water-soluble agents that allows for conductivity of microcurrents to permeate the epidermis effectively; and lastly, three key nano beauty ingredients that gently penetrate deep into the dermis, providing it with tautness and suppleness. 

Well, if that is too much scientific jargon for you to digest, just keep in mind that ReFa Face-Up Cream is created to work together with ReFa facial rollers for the best results!

The ReFa CARAT RAY (priced at S$359) and ReFa Face-Up Cream (priced at S$72) are available at Takashimaya Department Store and MTG Singapore's E-boutique,, from 16th November onwards.


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