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NARS Fall 2010 Collection


The Fall 2010 collection introduces a new testimonial, the heiress and style icon Daphne Guinness, who was among the celebrities portrayed by François Nars for the 15×15 project.

The picture above is different from the usually understated NARS campaigns: Daphne is posing among mirrors, and her image is reflected and amplified several times.

I think her outfit is just amazing – the powder pink pleated dress, accented with pearls and flower-shaped embellishments, is in perfect Guinness style.

I was a bit surprised of her hair colour: without the platinum blonde streak in her black hair, she looks very different. Her original and over-the-top style is the primary source of inspiration for this collection, where – according to the artist – Old Hollywood and a futuristic look meet.

The collection includes two eyeshadow duos (Rajasthan - metallic beige/blue-black charcoal – and Tzarine – platinum gold infused with gold and silver reflections/steel grey), three single eyeshadows (Daphne – deep violet, Mangrove – soft yellow-green – and Coconut Grove – deep taupe brown), a soft touch shadow pencil (Palladium, turquoise with silver glitter), a blush (Douceur, soft pink-brown), a lipstick (Rouge Basque, brick red) and a lipgloss (Strawberry Fields, bright strawberry pink).

I am crazy for lip colours, so I’d really love to try both the lipstick and the lipgloss. Though not impressed by NARS eyeshadows, I’d give Rajasthan and Coconut Grove a try.

Many other NARS products have been recently launched. It’s the case of three Multiple Tints: their tube form is reminiscent of the Multiples, but these are different in purpose. They are sheer but buildable colours for cheeks and lips.

The shades are Cadaqués (bright fuchsia), Beverly Hills (bright red) and Turks & Caicos (bright orange). They all look scary in the tube, but they are actually sheer. Since I am a die-hard fan of rosy cheeks, I’d surely go for Cadaqués.

Another mini-collection which has been recently launched is a Sephora exclusive, limited-edition lip colours matching some of the most famous NARS blushes. When I first heard it, I was really excited, because I hoped they had picked up my favourite blushes.

Unfortunately, they chose not-so-interesting shades: Angelika is plum berry, Super Orgasm is peachy pink with gold glitter, Albatross is clear with luminous glow, Luster is sheer golden apricot and Oasis is sparkling pink champagne. Some of them are kind of a let down: I have Angelika in blush form and is undoubtedly pink, so this plum berry shade confuses me.

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