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Yoga for the Face


We all know that yoga is good for our body. But yoga for the face!? Wondering what’s that all about? The answer: Simple 3 minute face exercise with a device.

In recent years, there has been a trend in Japan; using simple innovative devices to ‘improve’ facial features/muscles.  There are the nose clips –which are used to make our nose sharper, rollers for the face – to improve blood circulation, etc. 

I found this item in Nishino pharmacy last week.  A pack of 2 different types of rollers: Twin-roller and Point-roller. 

I read on the packaging that “facial yoga” was invented by a well-known personality by the name of ‘Fumiko Takatsu’. Takatsusan often conducts workshops, seminars, hosts events and even make several appearances on TV to showcase her teachings on “natural things, beauty, health and spiritual rituals”.

The “yoga facial” rollers were created to help ladies firm up face muscles, aid blood circulation and also shape the contours of the face.

The 2 roller-heads of the Point-Roller have different purposes; the smaller tip of the point-roller is used for pressure point massaging on delicate areas of the face- near the nose and under the eyes.  The other head is made of rubber. The rolling motion gives a rhythmic massage, to stimulate blood circulation.

The Twin-Rollers are used on the contours of your face. It provides pressured massaging with a pulling/lifting movement to help firm up the skin. Quite fantastic – so simple yet so purposeful. Go get yours now!

Retail price: $18.90

Where to get: Nishino pharmacy    

Directions on the packaging seem quite easy.  Rollers are made of rubber so, it’s not painful. Feels like a good work out for the face but I think it will take a while to see the effects.

This article was written by contributing writer, Reiko.