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Thursday, 27 August 2015 07:00

I have a question for you guys today.

Do you bring your collagen drinks while you’re traveling? Or you just stop the dosage and continue after you’re back?

I don’t know about you guys but once I start on a regime I MUST make sure I do it everyday. For example my GNC hair supplements and evening primrose oil, I bring them along when I go for stay-cation or holidays. Even for my retainer, I wear it every night without fail.

But collagen drinks happen to be one of my ongoing issues. This pisses me off because they take up alot of space! If I go for a 2weeks holidays I can’t possibly bring 14 bottles with me right? Well I can if I want to BUT I don’t want.

And this is where New Moon steps into the picture and actually presents me with a solution.


New Moon Inner Radiance Collagen Powder

so convenient. Light weight. Fuss free. TRAVEL FRIENDLY. You can take it anytime and anywhere. Even though the dosage is lower than the New Moon Collagen drink at 5,460mg it is still pretty high compare to other brands.


You know I did have significant results shown with the collagen drinks and I usually have the powder form when I’m out overseas or staying overnight at a friend’s place. My skin has been pretty clean since or could be because I’ve been cutting down on oily food due to my stomach problems. BUT my manager had commented that my skin has become better which is def a positive thing to hear.

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