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Friday, 31 October 2014 08:24

I'm back again with another treatment review! This time at Halley Medical Aesthetics, I did a Cryolipolysis treatment to literally freeze my fats and at the same time, I did an Acne Buster facial!

What is Cryolipolysis?

Cryolipolysisis a medical treatment used to destroy fat cells. Its principle relies on controlled cooling for non-invasive local reduction of  tissue without apparent damage to the overlying skin.

Here's how it works:

1. This non-invasive cryolipolysis cooling treatment offers a controlled and localised way of targeting only the fat cells in your body, freezing them to death without damage to surrounding nerves, body parts or skin surface.

2. The body then removes these dead fat cells from your body.

3. The natural removal of fat cells over time results in fat loss. It is that simple and if you think this is cool, wait till you hear about the benefits of this treatment:

  • It is non-invasive, so it's painless!
  • You won't feel cold or freeze; only your FATS will.
  • You can get a relaxing treatment facial done, read a book, or check your social media platforms all at the same time
  • No downtime! Go out and do what you need to do after the treatment!
  • It pairs perfectly with your exercise and health regime as it does away with areas of stubborn fat. 
  • Not only shapes your body, it tightens your skin too!

Before I move on to the actual day procedure, just a disclaimer just in case you all might be thinking..

What the ?? "I'm not even fat, why do I need to go for Cryolipolysis?!" 

Cryolipolysis is not meant only for people with weight issues. As long as you are human with a normal diet, you will have fats.. Moreover, most people like myself has fats deposited at places we DO NOT WANT. 

I was born with a heavier bottom and have always had problems trying to slim down my bottom half. Plus I'm not a very active person, I don't like exercising.
But of course I'm not saying that Cryolipolysis will help you get rid of ALL weight problems, you still need to eat right to maintain!

Ok, enough of me. Now on to the treatment day!

As usual, prior to the any treatments or procedures Dr. Terence Tan conducted a detailed consultation and explained the A-Z of what I was going to do that day!
I always feel so reassured that I'm in safe hands! 

Then it was time to take my measurements!

OMG. See my love handles?

Happy that Cryolipolysis will freeze all the fats!!

You won't see immediate results but definitely an improvement in your measurements after 2-3 months!

I changed out of my clothes and put on a comfy robe!


To start off the treatment, a cooling pad is placed on top of the area to be treated.

In my case. MY TUMMY!!

This is to prevent any direct contact of the applicator to the skin!

Cryolipolysis Machine

Sammie, Halley's very experienced therapist meticulously placed the applicators as instructed by Dr. Tan.

I was expecting it to be really cold but to my surprise, all I felt was a weird suction like a vacuum sucking on your tummy and after that once the area numbs up due to the cold, it just felt like a weight on top of the area. 

After the applicators are placed on my tummy, It was just a waiting game of about 45 mins.

There are 3 stages to the Cryolipolysis treatment as you can see on the left side of the screen shown in the picture above.

It goes from -10°C for 5 mins, -7°C for 35 mins and lastly at °C again for 5 mins~

But as mentioned before, because it was sooo comfy and no pain at all, Dr Tan recommended me to do their Acne Buster treatment at the same time!

Talk about multi-tasking!

First step was to cleanse my face and rid of all my makeup I had~ This cleansing step also included a gentle exfoliation.

Next up is the highlight of the Acne Buster Facial! DPL aka Dynamic Pulsed Light Therapy!

This DPL Machine has 3 different settings to target different problems:

1. Deep Pore Cleansing
2. Whitening
3. Hair Removal

And for my case, Sammie applied the deep pore cleansing setting on my T-zone area where I usually have breakouts and the whitening setting on my cheek area!

I didn't feel any pain at all during the DPL treatment! Just a tinge of warmness when the button is clicked!

The 3rd step was the most relaxing! Sammie gave me a really soothing and relaxing lymphatic drainage massage~ So soothing that I fell asleep almost 2 minutes into it.

This lymphatic drainage massage might feel like as if your therapist is just using her fingers to touch the surface of your skin.

But lymphatic drainage drains the toxins to the correct place for elimination, so trust me, I've learnt a skill or two from an actual dermatology school and I can assure you, that light touch is more than enough! 

To end it off before the timer rings on the Cryolypolisis machine, Sammie applied a face mask to do a final deep cleanse, sooth and hydrate my skin!  And I was done for the day!

I'm drafting this post about 2 weeks after my treatment of Cryolipolysis and although I've not seen any dramatic changes to my measurements, I can feel my tummy to be less bloated.

Before I did the Cryolipolysis treatment, my hip bones aren't that prominent when I ain't on any diet.

But 2 weeks after the treatment, even without any diet I'm able to slowly see that my hip bones are more obvious!

I can't wait to go back for my next treatment of Cryolipolysis and facial! I wanna get rid of my upper thigh fats! 

And once again.. remember.. Cryolipolysis is not a treatment you should rely on to lose weight. It's to sculpt your body shape! Paired with exercise and a correct diet, then will you be able to sculpt and lose weight~

Thank you Dr. Tan and Halley's team of skilled therapist for taking such great care of me once again!

If any of you are interested in the treatments I did, here's a view of the price list. Unlike most salons who have therapists hard selling you packages, Halley Medical Aesthetics lay out their prices very clearly:

Cryolipolysis: SGD $380 per area

Acne Buster Facial:  SGD $78 (30 mins), SGD $130 (60 mins), SGD $180 (90 mins)

Price for other packages for total body sculpting and facial services available HERE

I hope this review helps with your doubts!

Should you need more info, you can contact Halley Medical Aesthetics to know more!

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