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It's a Girl's Thing - Kotex's Bloggers Party


Always dreading that time of the month where not only you have to battle cramps and deal with the inconvenience of it all, but also feel tired and unattractive?

Kotex Floral Designs

Kotex is all set to change that with their unveiling of their latest innovation, the Kotex Ultrathin Design Pads. The new line is marked to begin a whole new era in feminine care, where pads are no longer just a form of protection but also one of self-expression.

Combining superior technology with stunning design, the new Kotex range promises that you will never feel anything short of attractive even during those dreaded days!

The FAMOUS Bloggers who attended

Hosted at Heaven's Loft at Orchard Central, the bloggers' party gathered some of the most popular names in the blogsphere for a cozy girls-only get together. Spotted at the event, our very own MFP bloggers Winnie, Belinda, June and friends, Genevieve, Esther and Fidelis, and they were just a few of the many pretty faces present!

Cupcakes & Mocktails Galore

With food and drinks generously sponsored by Heaven's Loft and dessert by Ben and Jerry's, the feast was quite the sight for both our sights and senses.

And where would a girly party be without camwhoring and pretty food?As the bloggers arrived at the location and signed in,  they were all invited to have their photographs taken professionally in front of the Kotex WOW mural and also to design their own cupcakes, sponsored by Sweetest Moments.

The History of Kotex

The event started proper with an introduction to the history and background of Kotex.

Always at the forefront of product technology and trusted by women all over the world for their pads' unparalleled performance in leakage protection and comfort, it's little wonder that Kotex would be the first to come up with this innovative new design.

The New Floral Designs

Inspired by a woman's exploration of her own femininity and the choices she makes to express it, the designs of the new line are refreshingly chic and adds a touch of zest to a natural part of womanhood.

After the unveiling of the new range, the bloggers were split into six groups and invited to get their creative juices flowing and give their own spin on a blank piece of Kotex mural. The boards were later joined together at the end of the activity to create an all new WOW mural, seemingly a symbol of coming together in celebration of womanhood.

The new Kotex Luxe range will be launched in the first week of September, and has been launched online with a countdown and several interactive features at the official Facebook page at