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Are You A (Weight Loss) Pill Popper?


Do a quick count on the number of pills you pop daily in the name of vanity. 5? 10? 20? Or more? There is a lurking danger in some of them and you need to be aware of it.


I was reading an article from that reported on some of the side effects of beauty supplements, which include weight loss pills. One of the scenarios rang a bell. A hairstylist recollects his encounter with a raving bitchy model who used to be all nice and sweet. He puts the blame on Brazilian diet pills. Those that make you go all crazy. And I have the same experience too.

I was on an all-time-low a few months back when I was on this 'intense fat burning' pills. They rave up your metabolism and inject you with extreme amount of caffeine. You feel like an energised bunny with immerse amount of energy to purge. You can't sit still in front of your desk and wish to hit the treadmill to run all your 'frustration' that came from nowhere. My heart raced and palms were sweaty all the time. There were  mood swings that knocked my social circle off. It felt like I'm entering menopause earlier than anyone else(not like I'm anywhere near). I figured this is going to 'kill' me before my fats are gone and the next thing to do is to ask for a full refund from the pharmacy I bought the pills from.

Did I shed any pounds? I wasn't in the right mood to find out.

Many of us are not aware that some of the diet pills in the market contain a combination of amphetamines and anti-depressants that may cause roller-coaster behaviour. Some of these ingredients are also linked to stroke and heart attacks. Only through prescription diet drugs with the monitoring of a doctor is considered as a safe route.

The habit of self-prescribing is not to be encouraged. Off-the-shelf medication might not be as strong but they do pose a danger if not consumed in the right manner. Some of them might even contain fatal substance. Though Singapore holds tight regulations on drugs and supplements, this does not mean consumers should let loose on their end.

Do you buy them online?

With the growing number of online pharmacies, we are exposed to an array of products that we are not familiar with. Some of us are sold by the positive feedback other online customers gave. Others are convinced by foreign magazines' reports and advertisements.

There is always risk involved if you were to purchase diet pills online. These online retailers are not responsible for any side effects or health hazards these pills might bring. Furthermore, there is no representatives locally to answer any questions if such needs arise. There are reported cases of unknown drug consumption which lead to hospitalisation.

In 2002, local actress Andrea De Cruz turned to diet pills, Slim 10, that put her to a near-death experience. The medication damaged her liver, causing it to shut down. She needed a transplant to save her life. Cruz is all well now after her husband donated half of his liver. But she has to take immunosuppressant to prevent the body from rejecting the liver.

The pills contain N-nitroso fenfluramine that causes liver failure. It is linked to more than 600 illness in Japan. There are also similar cases in China, Korea and Hong Kong. In September 2011, a 16 year-old Shanghainese student passed away after taking an outlawed Chinese diet pills called QingZhisu. She dropped from 78 kilos to 57 kilos. Before her departure, she experienced headaches and her eyes seemed to bulge.

The Ministry Of Health(Singapore) advises that obesity should be managed via diet and lifestyle changes and exercise. Doctors are to help patients set realistic goals. Drugs should always be the last resort.