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How to Achieve Kawaii Fruity Nails


Check out our how-to video for yummy looking nails that's simple and straightforward to achieve! Learn the art of creating 3D nail art with Tsuriki now! It's really easier than you thought provided you do it right!


  • Apply a 1cm layer of black nail polish at the bottom of nail

  • Use fake acrylic nails if your real nails are not long enough

  • Coat layer of pink glitter on the middle of nail

  • Apply 2 coats of silver glitter on the entire nail

  • Apply a layer of UV coat nail polish

  • Use an orange stick and put the decorations in a random manner

  • Place the fruits and diamante in randomly

  • Finish off with a top coat to seal the colours

  • Repeat on the other hand

This video was hosted by Tsuriki  @ Produced by William Limmade. Conceptualised by Bianca Zen.