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How One Guy Faked His Way to Paris Fashion Week


Is it possible to pretend to be a designer, and fake your way to get an entry to Paris Fashion Week? Apparently, you can, as proven by journalist Oobah Butler.

Oobah Butler pretended to be a luxury jeans designer, Georgio Peviani, and brought "his" jeans to the fashion world to gain an entry into Paris Fashion Week and its after party. In reality, the Georgio Peviani jeans that he brought along with him were knock-off designer jeans that he found in a market. By doing up the necessary with a name card and an official website, he made his way to the A-list event.

Let us watch his video to see how Oobah Butler pulled it off, and how he found the real man behind the knock-off brand "Georgio Peviani" and showed him that his jeans are now a thing in the fashion world.