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Fashion Spotting: BFF Bloggers @ Orchard Central


What would you expect to see when you have many beautiful bloggers congregating together for an event that is themed "Fun, Flirty and Wow"? Definitely nothing short of pink, florals, polka dots and pretty ladies of course!

This week on Fashion Spotting, I am all about the sweet and sassy. Check out the famous bloggers at the event and their latest style!

It's our dear resident blogger June Wee and her friend! Just look at how cute her outfit was! I envy tall girls simply because they are walking mannequins; everything looks good on them. Get her look with a floral print top from Miss Selfridge and a tu-tu skirt from F21! If you want something simpler but equally gorgeous, try the V-neck bandage dress from Arden B! And maintain those long locks daily with Sunsilk's latest range of hair products.

It's my babe Genevieve Wijaya, the owner of Caesar the giant Alaskan Malamute! She reminds us that sometimes to keep everything chic and simple.

Trends are never-ending but denim is definitely here to stay forever. Grab yourself a pair of Pull-in underwear if you are feeling fun on the inside! She and her friend took time out to grace the Kotex WOW event for the launch of their latest products! Do expect to see these products in stores in September!

These two lovely bloggers looked like they came straight out of a Japanese manga, kawaii! If you have not already noticed, frills and polka dots are a must-have this fall. If I were you, I would definitely keep my skin out of dirt's way with Shu Uemura's cleansing oils (suitable for all skin types). They also reminded me of the reality sisters Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, who are always fun and flirty!

It's Fidelis and Esther, two popular faces you would always find in events! Baby blue and pink - perfect for the theme of the event don't you think? They are a clear example that no matter where you go, you have to look good because photographers, like me, might just come snapping away with our cameras!

Add details to your outfits to give them an instant "oomph," like how our bloggers do it with a fancy belt!

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