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Fashion Spotting @ iROO


From casual, city to party wear for the working lady, Taiwanese fashion label, iROO, is synonymous with elegance and style. Following the grand opening at Marina Bay Sands earlier this month, we take a look at some to-die-for frocks and how we can match up. There's no reason not to dress up for work for you may never know when's the next important meeting with a client or a surprise party right after the clock strikes 6. Dressing for work will never feel the same again with us.

This Fall/Winter 2010, we are going back to basic with denim and neutral hues of brown. The key here is layering but do keep in mind not to overdo it. Balance that look with a detailed short sleeved denim and a plain straight cut skirt. Match it up with the right pair of heels and an elaborate cuff for that extra touch before meeting with your client. To get the real deal, head on down to iROO at Marina Bay Sands to get their in-store stylist to doll you up! Service is absolutely free!

Olivia Palermo is the ultimate socialite you love to hate. She has everything most girls can only dream about: a coveted position in Elle as Accessories Editor, knowing the IT people in the fashion industry i.e. Marc Jacobs and Alex Wang and lastly, being an absolute beauty on her own. One thing you can definitely quote her on:"It's really the accessories that make a look, not the clothes." Imagine our model here with her red belt and heels, this would just be another outfit. For the whole look at a fraction of the price, iROO is where you should be going today! The shoes are my absolute favourite.

Yellow has never quite caught my eye, not till now. This look is perfect for both day and night, evidence that you do not need to try too hard to look good. Well if you thought that gold shoes are hard to match with anything, you thought wrong. It's time to go glam with gold. We are all about the belts this issue as well, so make sure you get yours now to complete this look. Get the exact outfit at iROO now at less than $500!

Frills and ruffles always reminded me of a fun, flirty and sassy party girl. With all those details on the dress alone, we have to tone down with the right amount of accessories. A simple long gold chain, a cute wrist watch and a pair of stunning caged sandals from Victoria's Secret will do just the trick. Want the dress our model is wearing? You know just where to get it.

iROO is located at Marina Bay Sands Shoppes Level B2 #101/101A.

All prices are in Singapore Dollars. Amount provided in Singapore Dollars were converted from  the current exchange rate of respective currencies at time of publication. Readers should conduct own price research prior to purchase.