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Wear Your Swimsuit to the Streets Like Bella Hadid Did


One of the easiest styling hacks we can pick up from Bella Hadid is to let our swimsuit double up as a bodysuit. 

Bella Hadid was seen on the street wearing what we thought was a Chanel top with a pair of mom jeans. However, that wasn't exactly a top, but a one-piece Chanel swimsuit.

She completed her whole look with a pair of black sneakers, a Chanel waist bag, gold hoop earrings, and a pair of sunglasses with gold straps. Bella Hadid was looking totally street-style perfect and we thought that it was a smart move to wear her favourite swimsuit as a top. Now we can learn from Bella Hadid and perhaps save some moolahs digging into our swimsuit collection to see if we can work them for the summer trends.