Acne Scars?
started by @mariaveronica 17 Jan 2012, 9.04 am
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27 Jan 2012, 3.06 pm, #27136
ur skin looks relatively flawless! nice! XD

the estee lauder skintone illuminator is worth the try!

but some of the acne scars will fade over time. so no worries!
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18 Feb 2012, 2.36 am, #27953
They will fade off in no time, dont worry too much about it :)
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29 Feb 2012, 9.03 am, #28347
i hate acne scars
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7 Mar 2012, 11.22 am, #28652
Clinique turnaround concentrate! :D
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12 May 2012, 3.16 am, #30635
My gf recommends using snail cream or rose hip oil, it works well for her :)
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15 Jul 2012, 4.59 pm, #31890
Yeahhh rose hip oil. Or use Bio-oil and dot on the scars regularly
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16 Jul 2012, 11.13 am, #31914
juzdawn wrote:
adorecat wrote:
Try bio oil. I have heard them around with good reviews. Even in magazine.

I'm using that now on this scar I have on my right cheek. Been using it for about a week odd. Not quite seeing any results yet, maybe it takes a bit more time. Will update again. I heard a lot of positive reviews about it as well.

I think results will be shown within 3 weeks or 3 months, cant remember. But its really good! My scars are all gone(on my legs)!
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18 Jul 2012, 3.09 pm, #31942
Hi Babes, i want to share with you all about The Chelsea Clinic @ Rochester Drive.
Always have pigmentation & acne prone problems with lots of freckles, sensitive skin & acne scars.
This problem i have been facing it when i turned 30 years old.
Have been to another aesthetic clinics but it seems like of no use, my problem is not solved.
After searches on the net & reading articles on the magazines and Straits Times- mind your body.
Finally i decided to give it a try at The Chelsea Clinic @ Rochester Drive.
Dr Charlotte Yung was nice & friendly. She attended to my problems patiently, listening to my facial problems.
She recommended me to try on their Helios Nd YAG Pigment Laser and combine with IPL for Skin Rejuvenation.
Procedure took about 30mins and the laser was comfortable which i don't really feel anything pain, which i guess some of us might be worrying about. On recovery, it only takes about 3 to 4 days, my face is more clearer now.
I will be going back again for the 2nd treatment. The treatment prices is reasonable and they accept credit cards instalment plans for 6 months.
The environment there was very cozy & clinic assistant was very nice & friendly as well.
For the services that they have rendered was excellent!
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19 Jul 2012, 7.14 am, #31983
Thanks for sharing cherrylee

Do you know if they can do anything for scars? Not acne.. but I fell down the stairs when I was young and have a shallow scar on my face that I wish to remove
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19 Jul 2012, 3.02 pm, #31993
Hi annjoy, i think it is best that you consult a doctor for advice. You can see Dr Yung. I am sure she will be able to advice you appropriately. I did consult her about my tattoo removal scarring, she suggested a product for me to use and really the scarring gets lighter and smoother. Am only using the product for a few weeks, so hopefully it gets even better. I heard doctors can improve scars, but not removing them completely. Hope this information helps you? :)
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