started by @celestialim 9 Feb 2012, 3.57 pm
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9 Feb 2012, 3.57 pm, #27658
any sunscreen lotion/sunblock to intro ?
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9 Feb 2012, 4.39 pm, #27661
hey there! im trying out this brand called fruit of the earth! u can get a sample of it at! :)
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16 Feb 2012, 6.40 pm, #27871
biore range of sunblocks are relatively good!
you can try aqualabel too!
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6 May 2012, 8.26 am, #30469
hey guys, can anyone tell me if sunblock can block pores? cos i know it protects us from the sun and all but it is still chemicals... :unsure: feel a bit hesistant to put on sunblock so i always put on the tiniest amount possible to cover my entire face
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8 May 2012, 12.25 pm, #30494
Currently using TheBodyShop Moisture White™ Shiso UV Protection Cream SPF30 PA+++ because it's one of the few that is sunblock and at the same time really whiten your skin. Already at my 3rd bottle! :D

Was told by facial therapist the proper way to apply sunblock is to start off with your cheeks/chin inclusive of neck first and lastly follow by dabbing the remaining sunblock on your T-zone.
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9 May 2012, 9.51 am, #30506
vichy spf40
i use the tinted one. its v good. not oily. matt finish
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9 May 2012, 9.52 am, #30507
hi faiyahh, it doesn't block pores but u must know what is your skin tpye. for example, if your skin is very oily to begin with and you put on a thick cream based sunblock, then yes it will definitely block it!
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10 May 2012, 10.56 am, #30544
i just use coppertone
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11 May 2012, 3.42 pm, #30590
I use Bio-essence Total Block Protective Lotion
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12 May 2012, 3.14 am, #30633
pores get clogged by sunblock/sunscreen if you do not do proper cleansing too...
i love the ones by biore, hada labo, sunplay...
posted by @Beauty-Affair