Stockings & Leggings
started by @Althea 11 May 2011, 2.39 am
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27 Feb 2012, 4.53 pm, #28300
i like these :cheer:

leopard print sheer tights:

noughts and crosses:

ladder black tights:

solid sheer stripes tights:

i think these are so out though :huh: :lol:

posted by @IreneY
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19 Jul 2012, 7.03 am, #31982
haha those lace tights remind me of what PRCs like to wear =X
posted by @Beauty-Affair
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19 Jul 2012, 8.00 pm, #32021
i would like to know where to get them too!
posted by @celestina-loves
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20 Jul 2012, 9.47 pm, #32048
I get mine from ASOS

Cos it's colder in UK, they've got more choices and better material stockings for a better price too.

Marks & Spencer has a good range as well. :)
posted by @eclipsepmint
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23 Jul 2012, 2.03 pm, #32094
I really like the first one, the leopard print one.
posted by @juzdawn
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23 Jul 2012, 2.11 pm, #32096
asos is a good place to get stocking and etc! i've gotten some from there and all are made of good quality!
posted by @Forensia
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12 Aug 2012, 4.10 pm, #32888
Bangkok. Singapore not many. best is to DIY!
posted by @apriellemarie