In search of good Dim Sum places (in Singapore)
started by @Anires 19 Jun 2011, 10.27 am
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2 Feb 2012, 5.18 am, #27386
Tak Po - famous in chinatown for hongkong dim sum.

Nice place for small groups, affordable pricing. their siew mai are yummy!
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2 Feb 2012, 10.58 am, #27387
My friends once bought me to this dim sum place along Veerasamy road, or near it at least, which is just opposite a McDonald's outlet. Luckily we reserved a table before we went there because there were people waiting! Love the food there, especially the egg tart and har gao!
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2 Feb 2012, 4.37 pm, #27393
The dim sum at Ah Yat is really great too! Used to have them at Shaw Towers before they moved!
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9 May 2012, 10.25 am, #30529
i havent found one good enough to match HK standards!! :(
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11 May 2012, 2.30 pm, #30564
Dear-Eve wrote:
Roland Restaurant
Block 89
Marine Parade Central#06-750
Singapore 440089

Apparently Mr Goh Chock Tong holds dinners there too :lol:

Oh! I know that place. The food is great. Esp. the CRAB...... Ate there many times... Satisfied EVERY time. :)
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8 Jul 2012, 12.07 pm, #31709
Geylang 126!!!!
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2 Aug 2012, 3.02 pm, #32471
126 dim sum
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3 Aug 2012, 9.08 am, #32501
Another vote for Geylang 126!
Wen Dao Shi 搵到食
126 Sims Avenue, Singapore
Tel: +65 6746 4757
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15 Sep 2012, 2.17 am, #33906
Swee Choon dim sum near lavendar is cheap and nice. there is a lot of variety imo
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25 Sep 2012, 12.11 am, #33998
How about imperial treasure? I love their liu sha bao!
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