Let's play a game~
started by @charlenepay 2 Dec 2011, 3.08 am
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11 Jan 2012, 5.22 am, #26694
Zoe Raymond! :>

What's your fave. make up brand ? :D
posted by @joeyys
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13 Jan 2012, 2.16 pm, #26729
For every cosmetic product, I have a different favourite brand. I've been really into Dolly Wink/Candy Doll's products lately, so I'll just state that as my favourite! :lol:

What is one thing you've always wanted to do but have never accomplished?
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13 Jan 2012, 4.23 pm, #26740
Go bungee jumping!!! But I'm scared haha :P

What's your must-have beauty product and why?
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17 Jan 2012, 8.23 am, #26836
Eyebrow pencil! because i got no eyebrow!

What's your favourite luxury brand?
posted by @kityan
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17 Jan 2012, 10.28 am, #26841
I really like YSL's designs, and then after I entered the Chanel boutique I can't really decide which is my favourite brand, in terms of designs :lol:

Where do you normally get your clothes from?
posted by @joyomglim
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17 Jan 2012, 1.08 pm, #26843
FarEastPlaza & Bugis. shopping paradises with lots of awesome loots :P

What you wore for the 1st day of CNY? best if can share with us a picture of your pretty outfit :)
posted by @lindychua
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27 Jan 2012, 3.15 pm, #27141
Here's what I wore on cny 1st day! XD

What's your inspiration in fashion?
posted by @Forensia
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27 Jan 2012, 4.31 pm, #27170
I get inspirations from Japanese fashion magazines, especially Popteen!

What do you hope to achieve in 2012?
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30 Jan 2012, 5.44 am, #27230
take up a course and find a new job.

What is your ideal job?
posted by @ireneyksoh
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30 Jan 2012, 10.20 am, #27235
Full Time Blogger :P

What is the one place you must visit before you die?!
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