started by @tiffany 9 Oct 2011, 1.44 pm
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9 Oct 2011, 1.44 pm, #6875
Hi babes, any hello kitty fans here. i love hello kitty like crazy, almost all my stuffs is hello kitty. what about you all? :cheer:
& anyone have any ideas where to buy hello kitty water bottles. i cant find it :(
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9 Oct 2011, 1.54 pm, #6881
I love STITCH and SCRUMPS and perhaps Eeyore too :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:

Since hello kitty's quite a hot figure, hello kitty bottles should be easily seen? .. but singapore sure have limited nice designs eh :pinch:
can try buying it from hongkong/taiwan/japan or maybe online oversea spree, they should have better and cheaper designs out there compared to SG ... :P
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9 Oct 2011, 2.06 pm, #6893
do you have any sprees to intro? :)
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9 Oct 2011, 3.06 pm, #6943
Hello kitty!!! I saw hello kitty shampoo at watsons today, so cute! :silly:
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9 Oct 2011, 3.07 pm, #6944
There is one hello kitty shop near parklane :)
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10 Oct 2011, 5.19 am, #7284
Oh was there? I was at around there recently but didn't spot it! :ohmy:
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10 Oct 2011, 5.26 am, #7299 wrote:
There is one hello kitty shop near parklane :)

I know which one you are talking about.
It is located at POMO. Will see it the moment you step in from the small entrance.
I walk pass it everyweek when i walk down to buy grocery at cold storage.
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10 Oct 2011, 5.58 am, #7330
i am a hello kitty fan too! open my bag and almost everything inside is pink or hello kitty~ i am currently negotiating with a friend to open her spree in MFP forums for hello kitty items. are you girls keen?
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10 Oct 2011, 6.50 am, #7360
Am a hello kitty fans also. simply love them to the max, they are just too cute and adorable.
maybe you can check out the store at Liang Court: "Ringo Ya" ..
there used to be a hellokitty store located at chinatown Point , but sadly it closed down already.
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10 Oct 2011, 7.52 am, #7394
yeah, im keen in:) cant wait :)
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