Congratulations to the winner of a Balenciaga!
started by @chrystal 17 Oct 2011, 9.52 am
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17 Oct 2011, 9.52 am, #12096

Congratulations surinaher, see you tomorrow when we go shopping for your new bag!

Read this article for more pictures and information about our first winner.

Time to start earning more chances for the Prada.... starting now!
posted by @chrystal
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17 Oct 2011, 9.59 am, #12104
congrats! :cheer:
posted by @huirong
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17 Oct 2011, 10.02 am, #12107
Surinaher's super lucky.
The frist winner - CONGRATULATIONS to her !
Happy shopping for the Balenciaga :P
posted by @lindychua
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17 Oct 2011, 10.35 am, #12115
wow wow wow, congrats!!!
Cant wait to get my phone call ;) :P
posted by @mariaveronica
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17 Oct 2011, 10.39 am, #12117
wowow wowowo.. congrats
posted by @san
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17 Oct 2011, 11.45 am, #12138
Wooot hooooooooooo ! Congratulations, Surinaher ! :woohoo:
posted by @rhiannon
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17 Oct 2011, 11.49 am, #12140
Yayyyy! The Mimosa is an extremely good choice for a Balenciaga color -- great taste, girl!
posted by @globalcool
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17 Oct 2011, 11.57 am, #12141
wow...that is such a party !
posted by @jjlim
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17 Oct 2011, 12.04 pm, #12142
congratz,you lucky girl~~~~.........................clap,clap~~
posted by @sirius choe
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17 Oct 2011, 12.06 pm, #12143
i am more interested in that hi-tech looking phone. It's looks more like for playing XBOX game than a speaker phone.
posted by @jjlim