Fashion Spotting - Japan, Tokyo
started by @chrystal 27 Oct 2011, 1.37 am
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27 Oct 2011, 1.37 am, #16506
Our resident blogger, Mikko recently went on a trip to Tokyo. Here's a look at the fashionable trends she spotted!



Animal Prints:

Tribal Styling:


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posted by @chrystal
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27 Oct 2011, 1.53 am, #16518
Lovin' those fur! And the little girl's such a cutie! :cheer:
posted by @Dear-Eve
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27 Oct 2011, 2.10 pm, #16877
thats a hot mum!
posted by @wongmynru
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27 Oct 2011, 2.41 pm, #16894
so nice :)
posted by @tiffany
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27 Oct 2011, 2.44 pm, #16899
I think the second girl really knew how to layer. She looks quite lean in that picture when actually she's quite chubby... Really love those leggings.
posted by @juzdawn
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27 Oct 2011, 3.15 pm, #16930
My fav's the first one, very casual chic, great to show off long and slender legs with those boots :woohoo:
posted by @mariaveronica
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29 Oct 2011, 2.22 am, #17409
All are beautiful ladies
posted by @simin-88
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29 Oct 2011, 1.20 pm, #17564
i like the last one, very simple but chic too. and wow she's a hot mum!!
posted by @itmustbemy
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29 Oct 2011, 1.38 pm, #17569
<3 the way Japanese dress!!
posted by @CHIHIRO
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29 Oct 2011, 6.10 pm, #17667
Really love the Jap's fashion! How they can pull of the casual look so effortlessly, and look soooo stylish at the time time. :woohoo:
posted by @Yvn