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Friday-the-13th Freebies - 10 Vanity Troves!
started by @chrystal 13 Jan 2012, 2.37 pm
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13 Jan 2012, 2.37 pm, #26731
Friday the 13th is considered unlucky in many cultures and we at MFP want to counter this "bad luck" by giving away 10 sets of Vanity Troves for this Friday Freebie!
What's Vanity Trove?
A monthly subscription based delivery of high-end beauty samples from the newest and best brands, plus plenty of expert tips and tricks. You can check out their debut Trove here. Remember to like them on Facebook too!

To win, make a guess and answer this question:
Pick the brands that you think are going to be in January's Trove.
(a) Clinique & Yadah or (b) SKII & SKINC

Reply to this thread with your guess and the winners will be picked from the correct entries via a random lucky draw of your post number.

Contest ends 20th January 2012 at 2359hrs.
posted by @chrystal
joyomglim's Avatar
13 Jan 2012, 2.52 pm, #26735
My guess is Clinique & Yadah! :lol:
posted by @joyomglim
gem's Avatar
13 Jan 2012, 3.26 pm, #26737
My guess is Clinique & Yadah.
posted by @gem
MeiXuan's Avatar
13 Jan 2012, 6.12 pm, #26742
well , i will pick SKII & SKINC ! but again of two doesnt matter :)
posted by @MeiXuan
Kelly.P's Avatar
13 Jan 2012, 6.49 pm, #26743
SkinC and SKII
posted by @Kelly.P
joeyys's Avatar
14 Jan 2012, 3.47 am, #26745
Clinique and yadah ! :D:D
posted by @joeyys
lindychua's Avatar
14 Jan 2012, 4.26 am, #26746
My guess is (a) Clinique & Yadah.
posted by @lindychua
charmingtail's Avatar
14 Jan 2012, 11.47 am, #26747
My guess is (a) Clinique & Yadah :huh:
posted by @charmingtail
jasymin's Avatar
14 Jan 2012, 12.37 pm, #26748
My guess is (a) Clinique & Yadah ! ((:
posted by @jasymin
_WeiQian's Avatar
15 Jan 2012, 3.44 am, #26783
(a) Clinique & Yadah :)
posted by @_WeiQian