Spring Trend: Turquoise Liner
started by @hollyjean69 18 Apr 2013, 12.26 am
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18 Apr 2013, 12.26 am, #39297
Yay or Nay?
posted by @hollyjean69
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18 Apr 2013, 6.50 am, #39303
posted by @mariaveronica
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18 Apr 2013, 7.35 am, #39305
YAY!! i love Turquoise, both my HP casing and my wallet is Turquoise .
posted by @Atari
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22 Apr 2013, 5.54 am, #39311
definitely a YAY!!

But of course, have to be paired up properly to pull it off.
posted by @Forensia
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22 Apr 2013, 9.17 am, #39318
I love the colour.. but feel tht somehow.. black gives my eyes more intense look.....
posted by @hollyjean69
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14 May 2013, 12.10 pm, #39801
It's nice!!!!
posted by @xinzz
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17 May 2013, 1.35 pm, #39873
model looks good but i wonder how i will look in it. i have tried very heavy make up before and look like shit. when i look like shit, i feel like shit too.
posted by @gracious59
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19 May 2013, 10.26 pm, #39880
Yup! I know wat u mean. But I'm hoping will look okay since it's bright. Usually dark eye shadows look muddy dirty and shitty on me if I apply myself (or if unskilled make up artis applies)
posted by @hollyjean69