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Beauty Blunders And How To Avoid Them


We all make mistakes when it comes to makeup, especially in our formidable teen years when we are just learning about foundations, lipsticks and eyeshadows. Unfortunately many women still make beauty blunders well into their adult years and don’t realise until they get home and look in the mirror – or don’t realise at all!

Here are six common beauty mistakes and what you can do to avoid them. 

Lipstick On Teeth

This was more common in the 70’s and 80’s when heavy lipsticks were all the rage but it can still easily happen now and it looks terrible when it does. Imagine being introduced to a new client or date and giving them a lipstick smeared toothy grin, it isn’t attractive and can be very embarrassing when you realise you have makeup where you really shouldn’t. This beauty blunder however is really easy to correct and there are a couple of ways to do it.

Either use a lip sealant (available at most chemists and department stores) which literally seals the colour onto your lips so it won’t budge or, run your index finger across your teeth every now and again to get rid of any rogue lipstick.

Thick Foundation

This is a classic teenage mistake but can be committed by women [and men!] of all ages. Heavy, panstick type makeup is not a good look for anyone anyway, but when it doesn’t match your skin colour it can stick out a mile. Aside from being bad for your skin, heavy foundation which doesn’t match your skin can give you a lovely tide mark by your jawline where you haven’t blended it in. It can be easily rectified by simply matching your foundation to your skin.

When buying a foundation, try a little on your jawline and buy the one that blends in the best. Colour matching services are now available at many department stores where the assistant will use technology to guarantee you a perfect match.

Heavy Eye Makeup

Makeup, worn in the day has become more popular over the last few years and can make the wearer look out of place and even older than they are. Unless you are going to be in a club all night with low lighting, stay away from darker colours and lots of eye makeup.

This can be avoided by wearing lighter, light reflecting eyeshadows, just one coat of mascara and no eyeliner.

A more natural look that opens up the eye is more appropriate for the day and you can then vamp it up if you wish at night.

Dark Lipliner

lieve it or not, this was a vaguely popular trend in the 80’s but disappeared rather quickly and should certainly not be reborn. Dark lipliner with a lighter lipstick or gloss is a beauty no no but is easy to do if you don’t watch out.

Buy a shade of liner that matches your natural lip shade and blend into your lip, towards the centre rather than drawing a harsh line round the outside of your lip. Small, light strokes are also better than one continuous thick line.

Stencilled Eyebrows

Again, TV shows such as The Only Way is Essex have brought out trends which really should be left behind the TV screen. Many girls now have taken to drawing on very thick eyebrows over their own which look extremely unnatural and odd. The idea is to create contouring and highlight bone structure but unless it is done by a professional, you run the risk of looking very silly indeed.

To highlight your brows, take an eyeshadow which is the same colour as your brows, NOT a pencil, and use a specifically designed eyebrow brush to gently fill in your eyebrows so any gaps or sparse areas are covered. Do not go overboard and make sure their colour looks natural and matches your skin and hair. If you love looking good then, visit Feel Unique who sell a wide range of cosmetics and women’s perfumes.

Maybe learn better makeup skills as a New Year's resolution?

This was a guest post by Sophie who works at Feel Unique who sell a wide range of cosmetics and women’s perfumes.