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Mix & Match those Pucker Lips with Gradient Lipsticks


Men, known to have short attention span, debunk this myth by being able to focus on things that come in pairs. On women, apart from her pair of boobs and legs, the next sexiest pair that sweeps men off their feet would be that pair of kissable pouty lips.

Especially during conversations where all eyes are on the mouth and lips, women should pamper their lips with lip balms and pucker up with some colours!

Bored of 1 tone coloured lipsticks? Try beautifying your lips with gradient colours!

Some lipstick brands do carry a 2-in-1 colour lipsticks but why limit yourself in exploring only those combinations? You can gather a few individual lip sticks and mix and match on your own! Plus, it’s always fun exploring stuffs whether on your own or with your girlfriends!

Anyone knows of any awesome gradient lipsticks besides Max Factor Flipstick Colour Effect Lipstick?