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One Instant Way from Having New Confidence about Yourself this New Year


Hello, 2013, you unlucky sounding thing. Here’s hoping you shatter the common perception of the number 13 and prove a fortuitous, calamity free year for all and sundry.

For some of us, the beginning of the year commences with mixed emotion. All that celebrating does little for a ladies looks, after all. Booze, sugar, roasted meats and lashings of gravy do not a Miranda Kerr make.

Even if you don’t aspire to a supermodel profile (and I strongly advise you don’t, unless you want fun to play no role in your life), you might be looking for a little post-party season confidence booster. Being able to fit into the dress you bought in November, for instance. That would be a good start. Other fashion and beauty tips can be found at Lash Design or just crawl the web for great health and beauty ideas.

Now, it’s not as if the mainstream media isn’t all over weight loss like poison ivy. There’s a million different recommendations and diet plan. It all boils down to one thing, though.

Eat less.

That’s all.

Smaller portions.

Put less food in your mouth at each meal. No need to formulate elaborate menus of low fat low carb low GI low taste rabbit food. Instead of two pieces of quiche, have one. Instead of three pieces of toast, have two. Don’t snack mindlessly and restrict between meal grazing to fruit, nuts, and yoghurt. Don’t eat bread with every meal.

That’s it. You could memorise it in about 10 minutes flat. Less food, no junk snacks, lay off the breadbasket. This doesn’t mean no carbs- far from it. One meal that doesn’t include refined carbs is all you need to notice a difference. You will not starve, you will not resemble a prisoner of war. You’ll simply slim down steadily, using a method that’s imminently sustainable in the long term- unlike the paleo diet, the pritikin diet, the grapefruit diet, the maple syrup diet.

Good luck! You’ll be back in that dress in the time it takes to read this article!