Beauty Trends

Party Hard with Funky & Dramatic False Eyelashes


Party eyelashes transform a normal make-up into an instant funky one to match the theme of your night out or a quick fix to dramatise the the look. Who says partying in Singapore is a boring one? Don't drown in the crowd.

"Party rock is in the house tonight. Everybody just have a good time. And we gonna make you lose your mind. Everybody just have a good time..."

Scallop print false eye lashes in gold on black
They say black is the new gold but when you combine these 2 awesome colours, what will you get? A new you! Dramatic eyelashes for party need not utilise loud colours, classic colours like black and gold are sufficient to speak volume of your party-animal personality! $4.99
1 Pair Party False Eyelashes Yellow Dot
Who says faux eyelashes must look like eyelashes hairs? Drama-mama hits the town with these funky pair of feather-made eyelashes! With its yellow and polka dots feather-made eyelashes be assured you will be the most charming person in the party!$5.47
Ardell Fright Night Fortune Teller Lash Kit
Who says Halloween can only happen during October? These Ardell Fright Night Costume Lashes are great for spicing up your spooky Halloween ensemble! Choose from the angelic Fairy Wings, regal Cleopatra, gothic Dark Angel, or scary Spyder Woman. Either way, you’re sure to turn some heads at this year’s Halloween bash. $4.50
Bright pink & orange feather party faux eyelashes
Liked the feather-made eyelashes previously? You would definitely love these as well! Now combined with 2 spunky colours of bright orange and fuschia, just stick them up and you’re good to hit the party and paint the town red! $4.99
Elise Faux Eyelashes #022
Pink too girly for you? Want to achieve another method of looking cool and ‘mamma mia’ moment? Then you will never be too cool for blue! Dive into the world of divas with these Beautifully designed supervixen full, lengthy black lashes with an electric blue lash tip. $2.40
Eyelashes Pink
Pink, a girl’s favourite colour means that you can NEVER go wrong with them, even for faux eyelashes! Doll (pun intended) it up these cutesy kawaii dolly pink eyelashes and swoon your suitors with the doe-eyed innocent look! $3.48
False Eyelashes – Rainbow
A multi-coloured pair of eyelashes consisting of 6 different vibrant colours that ooze out happiness, don’t tell us it wouldn’t capture the attention of others? Just don’t use strong colours for the rest of your make up and you would do just fine with them. £4.00
False Eyelashes - Stars and Stripes
A reminisce of the British flags, now you can have them on your eyelids! Be that shiny star of your dreams with these starry faux eyelashes! With its unique combination of colours and narrow strips of hairs, it’s no wonder they are head-turners! £4.50
Red and silver shiny tinsel faux party eye lashes
Made from tinsel and each pair is put together by hand, stand out with these dramatic shiny shimmering splendid eyelashes! We love how the 2 colours complement each other, boosting its speciality. These full lashes will instantly add volume and glamour to your wardrobe. $4.99