Gaga’s Personal Assistant Treated Like A Slave


Do you think being Lady Gaga‘s personal assistant sounds like a piece of cake? No?

Well you’re right of course, as Gaga’s former assistant Jennifer O’Neill can attest to. Jennifer’s suing Lady Gaga for $380,000 in unpaid overtime, a suit she’s bringing forth alongside allegations that she was basically treated like a slave for the thirteen months she worked for the pop superstar.

Jennifer’s duties encompassed perfectly reasonable and expected things like being in charge of Gaga’s meals and schedule, but she was also required to be available at all hours of the day to fetch anything the singer might want. Jennifer was paid an annual salary of $75,000, but evidently did not receive overtime.

Another of Lady Gaga’s former assistants, Angela Ciemny, has some gripes of her own about working for the singer. Apparently, Gaga was so afraid of being alone that Angela had to sleep in bed with her most nights. And sometimes she even showered with the “Judas” singer so that she need to suffer a moment of alone time.

Glitz, glamor and slavery! It’s all part of getting to hang around famous people.

Source: Crushable

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