Khloe Isn’t Exactly A Kardashian


Perhaps it’s not breaking news because anyone who’s even remotely aware of the Kardashians can attest to the fact that Khloe is really the best sister.

For one, she doesn’t sound like an idiot when she talks, which means she definitely has some brains. And have you noticed her body next to the other two? She’s this curvy Amazonian woman who easily has a good four inches on Kim and Kourtney. She also seems to be far more compassionate than your average Kardashian.

Now the late Robert Kardashian‘s ex-wives have come forward to say that not only did Robert suspect that Khloe wasn’t his, but that it’s common knowledge in the family because Kris and he were not sleeping together at the time Ms. Khloe was conceived.

According to Jan Ashley, Kardashian’s second wife: “Khloe is not his kid. He told me that after we got married.” Well, well. Kris Jenner has been cheatin’. Not at all shocking considering the ongoing deceitfulness of that clan, or rather “klan.”

Khloe has always been aware of the differences, too. Kardashian’s third (and final) wife, Ellen Kardshian claims that growing up Khloe was constantly addressing the issue as she obviously towered over the other three and wondered where the hell they came from.

What we have here is just further proof that Kris Jenner isn’t exactly wife or mother of the year. You know, because having your daughter file for divorce the same week your book comes out wasn’t enough. Also, it sounds like Robert Kardashian’s other wives aren’t much better, considering they came out of nowhere to leak this “news” to the press.

But if anyone wins, it’s Khloe. More power to her if she’s not actually a Kardashian.

Source: Crushable

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