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[Blogger Cassie] Bring It On 2017


As we all say a new year, a new chapter. It's like hitting that reset button for all bad that has happened in the past. And from this blank first page, you can make the most out of it in the best possible way you can. And yes! ANYTHING!

You can jot down anything that you always wanted to do but dare not do because of constraints. Be the person you've always wanted to be. Be UNREASONABLE for once because like what I always say #YOLO.

For that short span of let's say on average 60 years of your life and maybe deducting the years you were actually "still trying to find out what's life" you are actually left with 35~40 years to really fully experience life at its fullest, well at least before you kick the bucket.

So quit those EMO plague you have inside you. Shoo away the shy-ness. Spray away those AIMAI thoughts in your head. Why? Because if you don't start now, then when? Wait till the golden time and date your fengshui master told you? Or till you are in a life and death situation then you go on ranting those regrets you should have done?

For me? I got tons of things all planned out for this year. But here are 5 key ones I'd like to share:
1. Embarking on an all SIBLINGS only trip
2. Digitalise my clothing inventory
3. Building up my career
4. Building useful relationships and empowering people through my articles
5. Going to NEW YORK CITY for countdown 2018

So what do I mean? Head to my blog link at to know more :-)

Cheers and Happy 2017!
Rock on!