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[Blogger Charlotte] New Year Resolutions for 2017


As we close the chapter to 2016, a new chapter opens for the New Year, giving us a chance to start afresh. To make amends for the wrongs we have committed, to pursue the dreams; which were never truly fulfilled, and to continue doing as much good as we can. 2016 has been a year of tragedy though we have been fortunate that most of the happenings were not in our own backyard but on a global front. And as we move forward into the New Year, I hope that we will continue working towards making the world a better place for all its inhabitants.

One of the many traditions of starting the New Year would be to begin the year with a set of new resolutions. I am not sure if it is an age thing but as I got older, New Year resolutions no longer seem to hold much purpose or importance to me. Perhaps, it is because like many, I often fail to keep to them. Thus, what use is of goals which are simply casted aside and forgotten.

After experiencing a bitter 2016, I have decided to give New Year resolutions another go. This time round, I am determined to make it work. Gone are the typical predictable ones such as to lose weight or earn more money. But this round, I would like to focus more on spiritual growth and healing. This year had been exhausting, especially after spending the entire year in a toxic environment with undesirable characters that were included a prejudiced, misogynistic and compulsive liar. Before this, I used to enjoy simple things such as blogging and shopping. But for that period of time, I was embroiled in a vicious cycle of negativity so much so that I would spend most of my waking hours just wanting to escape reality through sleep. I was lethargic and gloomy with no interest for the things I used to enjoy. I even wondered if I was suffering from depression and for a while, actually thought of seeking professional help with a therapist.

I am glad that all these would soon be the past and I am taking baby steps to right things now, having learnt to disengage emotionally though I still struggle with it. However, I will be trying my best and I hope to return to the person I used to be or at least become a better person, especially in controlling the way I react. A girlfriend had introduced me to hot yoga and after attending a couple of lessons, I have found that it did help not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well.

I also hope to make 2017 all about the people that matter, my family and friends who had been there for me throughout this unpleasant period. There have been times where I had neglected them because I kept dwelling on my unhappiness and so this would be the year to make amends. I believe that 2017 would be even better and that no matter what happens, I will have the courage and strength to rise above it all.