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[Blogger Christy] Tickle My Fancy: A Peek into My Relationship and What Makes Me Smile!


Some say laughter is the best medicine, others say it’s an instant vacation. Either way, I couldn’t agree more! Nothing works better than a good old laugh - a hearty one. One that rockets through your chest and sends sparks through your body.

In my opinion, the best things in life are indeed free of charge. Finding the right companion, being blessed with a supportive family and great friends that can make me laugh and offer a shoulder when I cry – now that’s true success.

My boyfriend makes the simplest, most mundane daily activities fun. Like taking the public bus.

Sitting on a swing chair at d’Good Café.

Swinging on said swing chair LOL

Making funny faces and playing with Snow App!

Videotaping him running down the MRT escalator to hug me. How cute!

and even suffocating me whilst waiting for food.

There are so many more examples but if I were to include them, this post would last all week long. Make Love, Not War. If you have the time to make someone smile – whether a stranger or your closest friend, do so. We could all use a little more sunshine and positivity in our lives.

Take heart, be kind and be the change you want to see in the world.