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[Blogger Claire] What Did We Do on Valentine's Day 2017 and Get to Know More About Us!


Valentine’s Day is just another day. To me, being with the person you love and spending quality time together is better than going to a high class restaurant or receiving a bouquet of expensive roses. Not that I don’t like flowers mind you, it’s just that I find them a waste of money.

I was lucky enough to have won a 3D2N stay at Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour this year. If I hadn’t, we would have just stayed at home, cooked together and celebrated our anniversary + Valentine’s Day.

We have agreed to stop buying presents too. I do love receiving presents, I mean who doesn’t like right? But the practical me thinks that the money spent on presents could better be used elsewhere. Like for example travel? For better things of course.

I try to travel once every 3-4months now because I want to explore more while I’m still young. We don’t have any baby plans yet but sometimes it is unpredictable. Who knows when I will be pregnant right? So I would want to travel more and rest later. This brings me back to my main point which is the money should go to our travel funds instead of buying presents!

I do love staying at home too. I think what makes Simon and me click is that we are both introverts. Yes I am, just that I can be outgoing when required but he can’t. haha. So when we are able to stay home and do nothing, this really means everything.

When you are married and happy with a home, there are many things that you have to take note and take care of. It’s not easy okay unless you have a maid. So having personal and quality time is really VERY important.

So on the actual day, we stayed home. We had a quick dinner and went home after that. He was sick on that day too. But even if he wasn't we would have just sat at home and watch Netflix. This is our favourite thing to do now. Just rot our lives away if we can. :p

He also gave me a small chocolate with a super cute mini card. It was enough. :)

Anyway please don’t feel sad if your partner didn’t surprise you or actually forgot to get you a present, I know there are people who are disappointed. The younger me would feel this way too but try to focus on all the sweet and good things he has done throughout the years and be thankful for that.

Remember that Valentine’s Day is just another day, everyday can be Valentine’s Day if you are with the right person. Don’t you agree?

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