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[Blogger Jeslyne] Laugh Because You Can: 5 Reasons Why Life Is Better When You Are Laughing.


Hello there, you are probably reading this because you are probably looking for positive vibes. Let me share my secrets to dealing with life.


5 Reasons to justify why life is better when you are laughing.

1. Laughing makes you happy.

Is there a more valid reason than this? I mean, how long do you have to live this lifetime? In this stressful society, you'll often face situations that make you frustrated or sad. But, you only have so many years to breathe on earth, thus start being happy! And laughing makes us happy. So yes, start laughing more!

2. Laughing is Contagious.

Ever heard a joke told that is not that funny, but everyone started to laugh like mad because your friend's laughter is funnier than the joke itself? Yes, you get what I mean. If your friend is happy, most likely they will make the rest feel good too. Spread happiness, spread positive vibes! Life is too short to be sulky!

3. Because laughing leads to positivity, and positivity helps you to achieve more things.

Do you have a lot on your bucket list? Feeling so inspired on a new year eve and started to list down so many new things to try, but didn't manage to achieve half of them yet? Fret not, start laughing more now. Be happier, you'll get the drive to achieve more in life. It will help push you to be a better person.

4. You will feel and look younger.

A person who laughs all the time has fewer worries. When you don't sulk so much, naturally, you'll look younger than your actual age! What's more, you don't have to worry about fine lines and wrinkles until you're much older! It's very much a valid reason to laugh!

5. You will appear to be a much more attractive person.

Ever heard the phrase "People will always fall in love with your smile?". Laugh, show your teeth, show your cheerful personality. This way, you will appear so much more attractive and charismatic than a reserved individual. You might also meet the love of your life.


Need me say more?

So, don't worry, and be a happier person. Trust me, life will become better when you start laughing more.