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[Blogger Priscilla] Life Is Better When You Are Laughing- Best Medication You'll Ever Need


After getting to know me, many people said that I have a cheerful and bubbly personality which reaches out from the heart. I would say that I am very expressive when it comes to emotions, thoughts and feelings. I could never mask or try to hide my laughter. I mean, it comes so naturally and the most you could do to keep it subtle is to giggle and give a silent “haha” laughter inside.

Silly and unexpected moments make me laugh HELL LOT hahahhah. It always happens when you’re around your closest friends! My best friend and I always meet and catch up frequently and there was once we were talking about our previous “Dates That Gone Wrong”, it was hilarious! We will say things like “Ohmygoddd, why did you even do that! …. You could have just …… instead!” And I would totally give a facepalm emoji. Okay, I feel bad for laughing at her when her dates had gone wrong but these are the things that make you laugh when you feel absolutely connected EMOTIONALLY with someone. Laughter makes you feel good.

5 Reasons to Laugh


1. Laughter keeps you alive.

Do you realise when you laugh, you’re off all distractions and the sole reason why you’re laughing is because when you're laughing, you're focused on whatever is funny in that moment. You're not worried about the past or the future. You're in the now. Your heart palpitates faster, your smiles are wider and your eyes are bright with attention.


2. Laughter boosts your immune system.

According to some studies, laughter helps to boost your immune system and may even increase the number of cancer-killing cells in your body. (Yes, reducing cancer cells!) Doing something that feels good and is good for you? Sounds like a good idea to me! Laugh often and surround yourself in positive vibes to stay healthy!


3. Laughter helps us connect with people.

How do you feel when you’re laughing with someone? You feel connected, right? It is also an ice breaker during times of awkwardness when you don’t know the person well. Forming connections has a positive impact on our lives, and laughter is a great way to connect!


4. Laughter releases endorphins.

And speaking of feeling good... when you laugh, you trigger a release of endorphins (those feel-good activation in your body). These are the reason that you feel so happy when you laugh - I watch BfGFPranks on YouTube or watch Comedy movies during my free time. It keeps me feeling good and laugher brings life!


5. Laughter boosts your relationships

I believe laugher brings happiness in my relationships, be it with family, friends or partner. It brings us closer when we laugh over the same thing and we share pleasant moments like these. And again… it still boils down to my 3rd point.

♥ Priscilla