Confessions of a Wedding Photographer


I love shooting for weddings for they are such a joyous occasion. In fact, most of the times I found myself basking in the lovely-dovey ambience and feeling the happy vibes along with the couples’ relatives. However, my happiness was short-lived, as there are always certain individuals that never fails to hinder my job as the hired photographer on the big day.

Credit: Live Studio Images

With that said here are some of the things that I hope some people can avoid doing while attending a wedding. 

The ‘Professional’ Photographer Relative

Photographers are paid to deliver the job, and their reputation can be affected if the photos don’t turn out well (not forgetting getting a scolding from the couple). If you want to take pictures for your own keepsake, by all means, go ahead. Yet, that doesn’t mean fighting with the photographer for angles or space in an already crowded situation. Here a suggestion- takes some photos, stand aside and let the professionals do the rest.

Credit: Your Perfect Wedding

The ‘Refuse to Bulge’ Friends or Relatives

This is a rather sensitive issue. But hey, imagine you are the groom and thought that you had finally cleared all the gatecrash obstacles till you realised that you had hit another roadblock. By roadblock, I mean friends or relatives of the bride who simply refuse to open the door to the bride’s room. A little fun is good, but do know your limits for weddings are usually tight affair. The brothers are waiting, the groom is waiting, and the photographer is waiting too, so just bulge and stop wasting everyone time.

Credit: The Plunge

The Enthusiastic Live Video Sisters Gang

It’s understandable that the sisters will want to get in on all the action and stream the gatecrash “live” to the bride who is in the room since they are the ones that planned the games. But wait, what about the videographer? Isn’t he supposed to shoot the video and play it at the banquet? It will certainly help a lot if the sisters do not crowd around the groom and the brothers while the videographer and photographer are trying to get a clear shot at the games during the gatecrash.

Credit: Pexles

As for the live video, please, everyone will get to view the video on the large screen during the banquet. I’m sure it wouldn’t be nice for guests to see you (if you happened to be one of the sisters) holding a phone in the video and blocking everyone view right?

The March-in ‘Entourage’

The march in is one of the most exciting moments during the wedding, and the couple will definitely want to remember this beautiful moment for many years to come. Therefore, it is really crucial for both the photographer and videographer to capture the moment in the best possible way. It can be really annoying when the photographer and videographer find their movements restricted as they are being surrounded by hordes of enthusiastic people behind them.

Credit: Your Perfect Wedding

Nobody is stopping you from taking pictures but do stay on the side-lines and take your shots, let the professionals do their job and stay clear of their way.

With that said weddings should a happy event, so please do your part and make it a pleasing one for everyone!